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LCD completely replace the CRT has become a trend in
   At present, LCD TV prices continued to drop, coupled with its own green energy-saving LCD TV features such as, LCD completely replace the CRT has become a trend.
According to general manager of Skyworth Group, Huang Xin-Zhong, Guangdong Branch, at present 22-inch LCD TVs will likely market price of 2000 yuan. He also stressed that "can do Skyworth television has a very strong lineup of small-size LCD, consumers can choose a small-size LCD-round. And the CRT are constantly subject to deal with issues such as power consumption and recovery of the restrictions, it will certainly replace the CRT LCD . "

It is reported that Skyworth has been planned before the arrival of the Mid-round of small-size LCD price into the ultimate. Reporter saw at the mall, Skyworth counters have been fully on the kind of small-size LCD, model more than a dozen models. In the embodiment of their professional TV vendors in the same time, but also continues to drive LCD market. Available from the home appliance chain store sales data can be seen that, at present the amount of LCD sales have been accounted for close to 90%, small-size LCD is as 5 to 10 times the size of growth.

Insiders T accounts to reporters forget that when consumers purchase a 19-inch LCD, when only 1,500 yuan to buy a 22-inch LCD less than 2,000 yuan only when the purchase of a 26-inch LCD only need to 3,000 less than the time, but also hesitate to buy a less environmentally-friendly light neither CRT TV? Therefore, full LCD replaced CRT has become a trend.
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