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Samsung, AUO LCD panel sales growth in the most Jushou
According to DisplaySearch recently released 2007 performance of the global LCD panel makers report, Samsung Electronics in 2007 than in 10-inch large LCD panels reached 16.7 billion U.S. dollars in sales, market share was 22.9%, ranking highest in the world, followed by LPL 149 billion U.S. dollars, market share of 20.4%, AUO 140 billion U.S. dollars, 19.3% market share, ranking third. However, sales growth rate made by the Friends of the highest ranking up to 41%, Samsung and LPL were 33% and 37%. Samsung Electronics has stated that more than 40-inch TV panel sales with increased, overall sales area of growth.
     In addition, shipments, AUO in the NB, Monitor, TV and so on all product lines have hit success, the overall shipments of large panels for the 8,080 million units, market share of 20.3% and snatched the Champion, followed by the is LPL's 7,970 million units, 20.1% market share, Samsung, compared with 7,910 million units, a 19.9% market share, but Samsung's high-value-added sales of large panels than AU Optronics, with an average size panel shipments case, Samsung 15.3-inch, 14.3-inch AUO.
     According to statistics, in 2007 the world's TV panel shipments were 8,600 million units, representing 58% growth in 2006, the average TV panel size, but also grew by 10%, and the formation of a short supply situation, forecast in 2008 in the first quarter of the price of panels will be able to maintain the existing standards.
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