Company Profile
ShenZhen Smileway Electronics Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise specializing in designing and manufacturing LCD products.
 Our major products are standard and customized LCD panels and LCD modules, which are widely used in industrial instruments, communications, test & medical apparatus, Car multimedia, home appliance, toy and many other electronics field.  And the products have been sold far to the United States, Europe,  Indian, Japan, South Korea, South and East Asia, Middle East, Europe and China.
Smileway has a very sustaining close relationship with higher institutes in China, valuing the import of talents and personnel training. With at least 10 years' experience, our knowledgeable engineers can provide customers with the best design products and technical support.
Due to the advanced production equipment we have, our manufacturing techniques such as COB, SMT, COG, and TAB can support the production of a variety of standard and customized LCD modules. By serving the global market,  Smileway aims to provide customers with better cost-effective products and quality services.

Service Hotline:400 0988 516

Tel:+86 0755 3316 5167
Fax:+86 0755 2320 1502
Mobile:+86 135 1008 5204

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